Barbecue Restaurant
serving Atlanta, Smyrna,
Marietta and surrounding
areas. Barbecue pork,
chicken, beef, BBQ ribs,
brunswick stew, platters
sandwiches, choice of 4 barbecue sauces.

About Us -

Old South Barbecue® is a family owned and operated restaurant established in 1968 by the late Helen & Jim Llewallyn. Now we, their children, are carrying on the tradition of serving Smyrna, and the surrounding communities, our delicious barbecue. We are now in our 49th year of business, and we "Thank You" for this great milestone in our history.

When we opened, there were only a handful of restaurants in our community. There have been many changes over the years and tremendous growth to our 'home town'. We realize that there are many, many places to choose from to satisfy your taste buds for barbecue. We want you to know that we sincerely appreciate your choosing to dine with us.

We have built our business by consistently offering good food and good service to our customers. "Customer satisfaction" has always been a top priority for us and something we are very proud of.

If your are happy with your meal... TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CO-WORKERS!   If not, please... "whisper it to us!"

----The Llewallyn Family

A few facts about Old South:

Reviews -

Old South BBQ: Smyrna, GA - A BIG Thumbs up from me - for the past 30 years. Ask for Joy, and check out her photo-collages of customers, I think she's got a picture of every customer that ever walked through the door. I'm on #13. Their sauce has a great taste that is different from all others.

- From: Ralph's BBQ Joint Rating Page

In business since 1968, Old South has all the moves when it comes to bold and tasty barbecue - sweet hickory smell, moist chopped meat with plenty of smoke, thick vinegar-based sauce, tangy stew with plenty of meat, beans with bits of meat and subdued molasses flavor, garlic bread lightly toasted to a golden brouwn and just enough butter, and steaming hot food served quickly.  Some serious barbecue afficionados refuse to eat anywhere else. Old South lands on plenty of "Top Ten" lists for Metro Atlanta and has won several "Best of Cobb" awards ...

- From: The Gentleman's Guide to Swine Dining

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Smyrna, Georgia • Corner of Windy Hill Rd. and Burbank Cir. • 770-435-4215

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